The evolution of marketing and business has led to the rise of different specialties within the industry itself. One of the specialties that have taken on a new level of significance is search engine optimization, which is also commonly known as SEO. In its most basic terms, SEO refers to the practice of increasing traffic on a website using a number of tactics. While it may not seem like a crucial area of marketing, it is important for professionals to have a strong understanding of how SEO works. 

Improves Website Functionality
Maintaining a website that is efficient and easy to use can greatly benefit a small business, making it an important part of marketing efforts. Implementing SEO efforts on a business website can not only improve how a website functions, but it can also help the website rank for keywords related to their industry. Make sure to complete SEO audits on a quarterly basis, as this can help ensure that the business is making the best use of the website. 

Assists With Search Rankings
When marketing professionals look for strategies to improve search rankings for keywords related to their industry, implementing SEO tactics can help achieve that. For example, if a new sports apparel business was interested in having their website rank when people search for “sports apparel,” they could utilize SEO strategies to help obtain that goal. This could include adding the keywords throughout the website, building a strong backlink structure, and creating monthly content about sports apparel topics. 

Helps Increase Awareness
Given that SEO can help drive traffic to one’s website, it is not surprising that implementing these efforts can help increase the community’s awareness of the business. As the business continues expanding SEO tactics, it can help the website and other secondary profiles rank for relevant keywords. This can greatly increase awareness of the business within the community. Over time, this can also help improve customer relationships when used correctly. 

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