You have probably heard about the significance of incorporating marketing and public relations strategies in a business’s promotional efforts, but may not completely understand how they differ. While the terms are often used interchangeably, marketing and public relations have a number of key differences that are important to understand as a business. If you are trying to determine the best approach to your marketing efforts, you should learn more about how a mix of marketing and public relations can benefit your business long-term. 

In its most basic terms, marketing refers to the promotional and advertising efforts that are implemented in one’s strategy. Marketing efforts focus on increasing one’s business by promoting its products or services while increasing its reach to new and current customers. Some of the common marketing strategies include email, social media, and print advertising. With consumers being exposed to an estimated 6,000-10,000 advertisements each day, marketing efforts remain a crucial part of the overall business strategy. 

Public Relations
On the other hand, public relations focus more on brand awareness and maintaining or increasing a positive public image. Making use of both traditional and non-traditional media, public relations focuses on finding strategies that drive awareness and engagements with its audiences. Examples of public relations strategies include press releases, television interviews, news segments, and guest author articles. Public relations strategies can help to increase a business’s reputation as professionals within the respective industry, as well as the awareness of their brand. 

When comparing marketing and public relations, the biggest difference lies in the overall goal of the strategies. While marketing is focused on promoting a business’s products or services, public relations focuses on increasing brand awareness and reputation among the great community. While marketing and public relations efforts will generally overlap, they should be treated as different, but equally important promotional strategies. 

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