The internet has introduced its users to access to information about nearly any topic that comes to mind. From common topics like sports to industry-specific news, the internet connects its users with relevant, useful information. The ease of access has not only helped increase the speed at which news spread but has also led to the creation of countless industry-focused resources and publications. 

For marketing and public relations professionals, a number of publications have been created to focus on the various moving parts involved in the industry. While there are many great options to utilize, we find that the following publications provide relevant, detailed resources on some of the most important trends in marketing and public relations today.  

Hubspot Blog
An online resource for inbound marketing that has seen a steady increase in popularity in recent years is Hubspot Blog. With a variety of writers that cover countless topics and trends related to marketing, professionals in the industry will be able to learn and grow from its content. From social media trends to improve your online brand, Hubspot should be included as a go-to resource for marketing professionals. 

Cision Newsletter
This comprehensive newsletter provides great insights into important trends in media and public relations and can be a handy tool for industry professionals. The blog is consistently updated with great information in the PR industry and can provide new, innovative ideas to a strategy. One of the advantages of Cision Newsletter is that it also includes insight into marketing and social media trends, making it a well-rounded source. 

Advertising Age
Known as one of the longer-standing advertising publications, Advertising Age provides a blog that talks about relevant trends in the marketing realm. For some marketing professionals, a publication that highlights the many different areas of marketing and public relations provides the best insight into their evolving industry. The agency section provides agency professionals with a section dedicated to the unique trends that come in the specialized area of marketing as well. 

In the ever-changing world of marketing and public relations, staying up-to-date on important trends can help professionals ensure that they are making the most effective use of their efforts as possible.