Search engines like Google and Yahoo continue to have a profound impact on digital marketing efforts and do not show signs of slowing. Users on search engines have the ability to find answers to nearly any question that they may have. 

In recent years, search engines have shifted more focus towards expanding voice searches and have seen an overwhelmingly positive response. The creation and evolution of voice assistants, which include Alexa and Amazon echo, has also contributed to its growth. As a result, it has made it more important for digital marketing professionals to gain a better understanding of how voice searches will impact the industry. 

Language Adjustments
Currently, an estimated 41% of adults utilize voice searches each day, indicating the significance of voice searches in digital marketing. Digital marketing professionals should understand how the language within any content needs to be adjusted to ensure that it matches voice searches. This is important because a person’s language may differ in voice searches from how they search for something online.

How can this be achieved? Take the extra time to adjust any language on digital marketing materials to ensure that it can still be found through a voice search. If there is any language that is not conversational, make the necessary adjustments to the content to increase its chances of ranking within voice searches specifically. 

Understanding how keywords could differ within voice searches is another crucial area for digital marketing professionals. When a person uses voice searches, they may not search for keywords in the same way as traditional searches online. To prevent any setbacks in search results, digital marketing professionals should conduct keyword research for both online and voice searches, as this can give them a better idea of how they might differ. Once the keyword research is completed, determine the best keywords to utilize for both search options. 

Understanding how online shopping could differ in voice searches is another important area to consider. An estimated 62% of adults with voice assistants have made a purchase through voice searches. As a result, digital marketing professionals should ensure that any e-commerce websites are properly set up for voice searches. E-commerce websites should be properly optimized for both online and voice searches, as this can help increase online purchases. 

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