As we continue to move throughout 2020, it has become apparent that social media will become more important for businesses. With more Americans staying home as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, they are turning to social media to get updates on their favorite businesses. Businesses who are not active on social media should invest more focus on social media marketing in 2020 using some of these great tips. 

Focus On Organic Engagement
While paid social media campaigns continue to be an important part of a social media marketing strategy, organic engagement has seen an additional boost this year. This makes it so important to dedicate time to complete meaningful engagement with your target audience. Engage with audiences on your various social media properties as well, as you can increase your reach by working on different platforms. Although engagement can look a little different across different properties, the main factors to consider are likes, comments, mentions, and follows. 

Live Videos
Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, countless businesses have turned to live videos on social media to engage with their customers. Whether through holding live chats on Facebook or creating a DIY video for Instagram, businesses have gotten creative with how they do business. One great way to get started with videos is to talk about an important topic that is directly related to your specific business, industry, or target audience. Once you have determined a relevant topic to speak on, schedule a time for the live video, and promote it on your different social media properties. In doing live videos, you can not only increase awareness about important trends in your industry, but it can help increase your engagement with target audiences. 

Team Up With Micro-Influencers
In our recent blog, we spoke extensively about the power of influencers, as it has become a major part of how social media functions. Micro-influencers are an especially unique part of social media for a number of reasons. While they may not have as large of an audience as major influencers, their platforms can still provide businesses with a larger audience. Look for influencers that are relevant to your industry and target audience, as this can assist with increasing your brand’s awareness.

Social media marketing for businesses continues to be an evolving strategy, so make sure to dedicate time each month to get up-to-date on any new trends in your industry. To get more information on how you can incorporate social media into your greater business marketing strategy, visit Sterling Kilgore’s monthly blog at