We all know the bottom-line goal of all companies is to turn a profit, which is why is an important element of any product’s success. You could possess the singular superior product in any marketplace and still succumb to inferior products if you lose the marketing war: just ask Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Topsy the Elephant.  The fact is that the public’s appetite is consistent only in it always is evolving.  With that in mind, reassessing your marketing initiatives regularly is a good exercise and the New Year presents a great opportunity to start.

As we say goodbye to last year, people are already psychologically primed for something different. If you can develop some new strategies and implement them early enough, you can create a new tone for your company for the coming year. What should you be reviewing? Here are a few suggestions”

Look back on your work and see if it still remains informative and engaging. A full year (even six months) is a lot of time for new developments to occur within a company–especially after a year like 2020.  Is the information in your marketing campaign still accurate and informative? Almost more important than establishing new information, is re-establishing what engages your customer base. This could be as simple as reassessing the font on your website and as drastic as developing an entirely new approach to which ad spaces you want to target. Just remember that if you aren’t finding the best place and the best message to engage your consumers, you can’t inform them on why your product is relevant to their needs.

Re-establishing objectives, target demographics, market research, and market strategies provide another great end of year activity. Look closely at what your goals were from last year in terms of growth or sustainability. Did your marketing correlate with those goals? Be sure to measure the success of your previous campaigns before moving forward.  As you do move forward, though, it’s imperative you set goals for the upcoming fiscal year. Take a hard look at your objectives and determine if they are still relevant. Check to see if you’re hitting or missing your target demographics. Also, check to see if there are any target demographics you’re reaching that you didn’t anticipate connecting with–they may deserve some thought and care in any advertising and marketing for the future.

Just because a marketing campaign worked once, twice, or even a hundred times doesn’t mean it will always work. What interests and engages consumers is ever-changing and often takes a sleuth to determine.  One sure way to stay on top of consumer trends is to take the time at the end of each year to assess the success and the not-so- successful activities of your marketing and what can be done to improve them going into 2021.