The continued coronavirus outbreak has led countless businesses to close physical locations until further notice. Because of this, many professionals are working remotely for the first time. For those working in marketing and public relations, working from home can present a unique challenge when trying to promote a brand. While some marketing or PR options are not possible during the lockdown, there are still countless creative ways to continue effectively promoting your brand from your home office. 

Social Media Marketing
Many people may think that social media marketing can easily be incorporated into a marketing plan, it requires time and dedication. Your social media marketing strategy should include creating relevant posts to use throughout the month. Setting aside time to compile and schedule a monthly social media calendar where you can create branded posts that relate to your target audience is time well spent.  Many popular social media platforms now offer post analytics that you can use to determine what type of content your target audience is interested in. This ensures that you are posting relevant content consistently on major profiles. 

Short Videos
The rise of the internet has helped videos become a dominant part of the online experience. From social media video properties like YouTube to streaming services like Netflix, more people are becoming drawn to videos. This is why creating short videos could be beneficial when promoting your brand. It not only serves as an opportunity to connect with your target audience, it provides you with a platform to share your expertise.  Use your videos to talk about topics that are related to your industry, and your audience is interested in learning more about. 

Create Or Update A Monthly Blog
Having a monthly blog is becoming more important as the internet continues to grow. If you do not already have a blog that you post on consistently, you can create a free blog using a free platform like WordPress. The platform allows you to create a basic website and blog page, and can be customized to fit your brand. Once your website is live, aim to post at least once per week, as posting consistently is an important part of marketing efforts. For those who already have a monthly blog created, go through old blog posts to see if they can be updated with relevant information or examples. This can help boost your overall marketing efforts.

Saving time on commuting to an office gives you more time to think about your marketing and PR strategy. Look at this current situation as an opportunity to take some time to expand your creativity and your brand’s presence.