Media interviews are a great way to get your company noticed by a wide audience.  Opportunities for media interviews don’t come along every day. When they, do preparation is key to successfully promoting your company’s message and establishing yourself as an industry thought leader. One interview can turn into a regular monthly or quarterly spot providing exposure to new audiences and potential clients. The following outlines some pro-tips for making the most out of every media opportunity. 

Before preparing for the interview, understand the audience is and what the article is about. Request a copy of the interview questions to be as prepared as possible. Decide on an overall message your answers convey. Make certain to  state the overall message upfront in a sentence or two. People respond to stories supported by examples and statistics, take time weaving a compelling story .  Avoid using technical jargon or acronyms. Keep the conversation in a positive tone using bridging sentences such as, “ Yes, that is true, additionally…”  

On the day of the interview make sure to speak slowly and clearly, the interviewer is making notes as you write as well as looking for quotable answers.  Start out the interview by identifying yourself with name and title, fully spell your name out. It is ok to go off script from the answers you have prepared but try to stick to your main points to keep your main message on target. Remember this is a conversation that is going to be turned into an article, use action words and dynamic language to get the message across. 

If you are unsure about the answer to a question, say it and move on or offer to find out and get back to them.   Conversely if you are sure of an answer don’t hesitate to say, “I can’t stress enough…” to emphasize the point. Finally remember this is a media interview, nothing is off the record, stay professional and request the publication date so you can see the article and promote it through media outlets. 

And most of all, enjoy the opportunity to tell your story or promote your product!