Marketing and public relations efforts have seen a significant evolution over recent years. Technology has opened the door for customers to engage with businesses in new, innovative ways that were not possible before. The capabilities that technology offers has led to improved customer service through more personalized, instant interactions with businesses. Your marketing efforts should incorporate some of the biggest marketing and public relations trends to help shape your marketing strategy. 

Conversational Marketing
When visiting new websites, how often do you receive a pop-up message from a member of the company offering assistance? Chatbots, which allow customers to interact with employees directly, is just one example of how conversational marketing is being implemented. Conversational marketing focuses on a feedback-based approach and uses customer feedback to help drive marketing efforts. In addition, to live customer service like chatbots, conversational marketing strategies can include email marketing and customer loyalty programs. 

Personalized Marketing
Marketing professionals will agree that personalized marketing has changed the way that the industry works. Using personalized marketing can not only bring more customers in, but it can increase customer loyalty over time as well. There are many creative ways to personalize your marketing efforts that can enhance your current marketing efforts. A common personalized marketing technique includes sending email updates that address the recipients by their first names. Utilizing personalized marketing can greatly improve your customer experience. 

Voice Search Optimization
With more voice-controlled technology becoming available widespread, the need to understand voice search optimization increases. Customers can use voice search devices like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant to answer various questions. Incorporating voice search optimization into your marketing strategy can be exceptionally beneficial, especially as it becomes more common around the world. 

As you can see from the main trends to focus on in 2020, technology continues to have a profound impact on the marketing industry. It is worth the time to focus on how you can improve your marketing efforts using technology, given its growing place in how marketing functions.