As the coronavirus pandemic marches on, countless small businesses around the world are frantically adjusting their strategies for success. One of the important factors to consider during this process is how to adjust your marketing strategy as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Here are three tips to consider:

Adjust Your Content Style & Calendar
Many marketing strategies include creating and scheduling branded posts to go live throughout the month. If your posts have already been previously scheduled, it is important to go through them to ensure that the topics are still appropriate. Additionally, make sure that the days they are scheduled are still appropriate, especially with the important role that social media has with current events. Doing this can help reduce the risk of posting anything that could come across as insensitive or tone-deaf. 

Be Aware of Your Marketing Strategies
While most small businesses understand the importance of remaining sensitive in difficult times, there have been unfortunate examples of businesses trying to capitalize on current events. Create a marketing strategy that is respectful of current events, and does not try to make light of difficult situations. Additionally, do not post personal opinions of the coronavirus pandemic on business marketing collateral, especially if the opinion could be considered remotely controversial. 

Provide Important Updates
With cities around the world in the early process of reopening, there are still countless businesses that are operating under a different schedule temporarily. To keep customers updated on the adjusted schedule, it is important to continuously provide updates through social media and email marketing efforts. This will help customers stay informed on when your business is open and how they are able to purchase or utilize the services. This is an especially important tip for small businesses in the retail and restaurant industries, as these are the most heavily affected by the social distancing requirements. 

As the coronavirus continues, it remains vital for small businesses to stay up to date on any news on how to respond. This can not only ensure that you keep your business up and running, but it can also help keep your employees and customers safe.