Building and maintaining a strong marketing strategy is an important step in the health of your business. From increased competition to adjusting to shifts in how companies function internally, an effective marketing strategy can be what sets your company apart from others.

Too often, however, the marketing strategy, however good, sits on the shelf while other more urgent priorities take your focus. When you do decide to review your marketing efforts, an important point to consider is knowing if it is time to update your strategy. In difficult times like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this becomes important to ensure that your marketing efforts are not only effective, they are also appropriate given current events taking place. Here are two questions to ask that will help determine if it is time to take a closer look:

Is your messaging still appropriate?
In recent months, we have been through a number of major events, including COVID-19 and the rise of Black Lives Matter movements. With such major current events taking place, some marketing campaigns or messaging may no longer be as relevant or appropriate as before. Any campaigns that even has the potential be seen as insensitive or tone-deaf as a result of current events should be examined to ensure that it is still appropriate to run. This should be a process that is analyzed on a consistent basis, carefully studying your use of words and images. 

Have the interests of your target audience shifted?
One of the most important parts of building an effective marketing strategy is considering what information will engage your target audience. There will be instances where you may see a slight shift in what is relevant to them, and it is important to evaluate the efficacy of your marketing campaign if this does happen. The way that a company markets to a younger audience vs. an older audience can vary quite a bit, so understanding the proper personas, what matters to them at the moment, and making appropriate adjustments can greatly increase your chances of achieving your marketing goals. 

For a number of good reasons, it is beneficial for marketers to continue adjusting their marketing strategy at least every six months. In doing so, you can confirm that your outreach is as effective as possible, and your budget is well-spent. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of maintaining an ongoing marketing strategy, or need help in creating one, visit us at