Anyone who uses the internet on a consistent basis will likely be exposed to a number of digital advertisements each time they are online. Digital advertisements are just one of the many growing areas within the digital marketing realm. The growth of digital marketing capabilities allows businesses to connect with both current and prospective customers, making it a great strategy for businesses. If you are having trouble making meaningful connections with customers through digital marketing efforts, try implementing some of these tips. 

Utilize Live Videos
The rise in live videos has helped accelerate their popularity, both within search engines as well as digital marketing. This is why you should consider incorporating live videos into your ongoing digital marketing strategy. Live video sessions are highly beneficial when connecting with customers, as it provides a great platform to engage with them, and learn more about what type of information is valuable. 

When planning live video sessions, there are a few important details to consider beforehand. Determine a date, time, and topic for the live video session, and promote that information on your website and social media properties. After each live video session, ask for feedback from those who attended to get a better idea of how you can make the most out of the sessions. 

Create A Well-Functioning E-Commerce Website
This may not seem like a major tactic to better connect with customers, but how well your website functions can be crucial. When a customer visits your website, are they spending time to explore the website, or are they exiting almost immediately? If your website is slow or difficult to navigate, it may negatively impact a customer’s experience with your company. To prevent this, make sure that your website is running as efficiently as possible. Additionally, businesses with e-commerce websites should ensure that any transactions can be seamlessly completed. 

Create Optional Customer Surveys
It can be highly beneficial to learn more about areas your business can improve on through a customer survey. Customer surveys give customers the opportunity to provide feedback that could improve your business. This also provides you with important feedback about what the customer experience is like, and how you can better provide for them in the future.