The evolution of social media has allowed digital marketing experts to increase their reach to both current and potential customers. With more capabilities for businesses to connect with customers through social media, it is not surprising that many social media marketing platforms have been created in response. Social media marketing platforms provide several important services that can greatly enhance existing social media marketing strategies.  If you are looking for the best resources for social media marketing efforts take a look at these three to see if they are just what you need to boost your performance on social: 

Most digital marketing professionals will likely agree that content marketing remains one of the major influences in a successful social media strategy. This is what makes platforms like Hootsuite so beneficial for digital marketing efforts. Known as one of the most popular social media marketing platforms, Hootsuite provides professionals with the capability to manage a number of major social media properties from one location. Some of the services that Hootsuite offers include scheduling posts, curating content, account management, and more. Hootsuite is a great option when scheduling a number of posts across different social media properties like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 

Sprout Social
For many social media marketing professionals, they must be able to keep track of the various social media properties that they manage. This makes Sprout Social a great option for anyone managing several properties. Sprout Social not only provides a helpful social media calendar to monitor upcoming posts, but it also comes with a number of analytics tools that professionals can use to analyze social media posts and engagement. This can make it easier to keep track of successful and unsuccessful strategies as well. 

The marketing industry has seen a steady evolution in recent years, with graphic design becoming an important part of digital marketing efforts. Digital marketing specifically has led graphic design skills to become increasingly important. This is what makes Canva such an important tool for digital marketing efforts. Canva is a free online platform that allows users to create a variety of graphics that include social media graphics, blog headers, professional presentations, and more. Digital marketers who are focused on graphic design will find the various capabilities that Canva offers to be beneficial. 

If we have learned anything about social media over the last decade that we have been providing these services to our clients, it is that this is an environment that is always evolving. Keeping up requires paying close attention to what new tools are out there and how you can best use them to make sure your program stays relevant and engaging!