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Sterling Kilgore is a full-service communications agency offering our clients Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, and other related services.

About Sterling Kilgore

Founded in 1995, Sterling Kilgore’s clients include companies in high-tech software, professional services, not-for-profit and manufacturing. Companies come to Sterling Kilgore for our ability to deliver on our motto: “We Make Companies Famous.” Whether you want to grow your company or are preparing to sell, the Sterling Kilgore team uses proven public relations strategies coupled with sound marketing initiatives, such as press releases, thought leadership, social media and targeted marketing to raise a company’s visibility in key verticals and bring attention to its successes and market differentiators.   

Public Relations

Many impressive marketing successes have been public relations successes. Think of Starbucks, Google and Amazon. All these companies initially built highly successful brand awareness through publicity alone. A smart PR campaign identifies the influential publications, editors, analysts and industry influencers most likely to sway behavior with their focus on product, company or relevant issue in a specific industry.

At Sterling Kilgore, creating awareness is all about us creating that “buzz.” We love it because it is one of the most effective ways to get people in your target markets wanting what you have to offer. We are effective at it because we understand it is a discipline. Considering that, we have a proven method for carrying out public relations activities that cross industry boundaries. We are experts at obtaining the all-too-important third-party credibility endorsement from the media as well as influencers and your customers. It is invaluable for driving awareness and building equity in your brand. In addition to utilizing important third-party endorsements, our team also focuses on providing important PR strategies that include the creation and distribution of press releases, finding crucial speaking opportunities, and implementing exciting product placement opportunities that can help your business become known as a thought leader in its industry.

Social Media Marketing

With hundreds of millions of people using social media each day, businesses that aren’t engaging in social media at some level are missing out. Now more than ever before, companies are interacting with their customers online and the rapidity of their responses matter. Having an active presence on social media, gives your customers and prospects direct access to a valuable source of information that helps them make buying decisions. 

Through consistent posting, influencer relations, customer engagement and identifying advocates and influencers, Sterling Kilgore’s social media marketing programs help to amplify company news, promote owned content, curate and share third-party content and create social campaigns or sponsored posts.   It’s a strategy that ensures you’re getting the maximum value from your owned, earned and paid content through optimization and establishing an engagement baseline. We also help strategically build your community to be a curated group of individuals who align themselves with the goals and interests of your company. Then, we monitor your brand and measure your results to determine what is and what isn’t working. 

Content Marketing Strategy

It’s important to build a marketing strategy that elevates your public relations and social media efforts with valuable content created to resonate with your audience. We know thoughtful advanced planning can ensure your program’s success. Creating valuable, relevant content takes effort, resources and an intimate knowledge of your target markets. Great content is the trail of breadcrumbs that engages people, drives traffic and influences customer behavior. Turn to Sterling Kilgore for help with case studies, bylines, blog development, infographics, eBooks, third-party curation and more. 

Sterling Kilgore is dedicated to helping you with all your public relations and marketing strategy needs to keep you on the cutting-edge of the conversation in your industry. With two decades of experience serving premier B2B clients, we have the insight and expertise to work in both traditional avenues for B2B communication as well as the ever-developing means of digital communication. Pair that with our “agency as staff” approach—seamlessly engaging with your company like a member of your own team—and our personalized approach that builds long-term relationships with our clients, we have a demonstrated methodology that is unmatched for delivering results. 

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